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Title: Антология выдающихся достижений в науке и технике. Часть 26: Три портрета всемирно известных математиков Харьковщины
Other Titles: An anthology of the distinguished achievements in science and technique. Part 26: Three portraits of worldwide known mathematicians of Kharkov region
Authors: Баранов, Михаил Иванович
Keywords: история; научные открытия; математика; Харьковщина; научные достижения; history; mathematics; Kharkov region; scientific achievements
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: НТУ "ХПИ"
Citation: Баранов М. И. Антология выдающихся достижений в науке и технике. Часть 26: Три портрета всемирно известных математиков Харьковщины / М. И. Баранов // Электротехника и Электромеханика = Electrical engineering & Electromechanics. – 2015. – № 3. – С. 3-13.
Abstract: Приведен краткий научно-исторический очерк о трех наиболее известных математиках Харьковщины − академиках Погорелове А. В., Марченко В. А. и Садовничем В. А. и их выдающихся вкладах в мировую науку. Портреты данных ученых-математиков рассмотрены на фоне прошлого и современного состояния развития математической науки в Харькове.
Short description basic confessedly in the world of scientific achievements and vital fascinations of three prominent mathematicians of modern Kharkov region − Academicians of Pogorelov A. V., Marchenko V. A. and Sadovnichiy V. A. Methodology. Scientific methods of receipt, treatment and systematization of mathematical knowledges. Methods of historical investigations of development in human society of different sections of modern mathematics. Results. Short information is resulted about basic fundamental scientific achievements in the period of 20-21 centuries of the mentioned worldwide known domestic scientistsmathematicians in area of geometry, mathematical physics, theory of partial differential equations, operators, numerical mathematics, mathematical building of complicated processes and mathematical methods of treatment of information. These achievements are considered as a background of past and modern development of mathematical science state in Kharkov. Originality. For the first time in the form of a short scientifically-historical essay by a scientist-electrophysicist using accessible for the wide circle of readers language is present important for a world association scientific achievements in the complicated area of row of modern sections of mathematics, being in basis of practically all of the sciences known us. Practical value. Scientific popularization of modern topical knowledges of humanity in the area of special sections of mathematics, opening of role of personality in development of mathematical science and expansion for the large number of people of the scientific mathematical range of interests.
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