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Title: Особенности расчета магнитных систем с короткозамкнутыми вторичными обмотками в плоскопараллельной постановке
Other Titles: Peculiarities of calculation of magnetic systems with short-circuited secondary windings in in-plane formulation
Authors: Байда, Евгений Иванович
Keywords: поле магнитное; условия граничные; индукция; in-plane magnetic field; boundary conditions
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: НТУ "ХПИ"
Citation: Байда Е. И. Особенности расчета магнитных систем с короткозамкнутыми вторичными обмотками в плоскопараллельной постановке / Е. И. Байда // Электротехника и Электромеханика = Electrical engineering & Electromechanics. – 2015. – № 5. – С. 18-22.
Abstract: В статье анализируются проблема, связанная с вопросами корректного задания первичных источников токов и ошибок в определении параметров вторичных короткозамкнутых контуров при решении задач плоскопараллельного поля. Приводятся физический и математический анализ ошибки и предложен способ решения подобных задач на примере расчета трансформатора тока и электромагнита переменного тока.
Introduction. A feature of quasi-static calculation of plane electromagnetic fields is unlimited volume occupied by the current. This condition imposes certain requirements on the choice of boundary conditions for solving suchproblems (the vanishing of the algebraic sum of the currents flowing through the cross section of all wires), failure of which leads to incorrect results. Purpose.The mathematical formulation of the boundary conditions corresponding to real physical processes in solving problems of plane quasi-static field by Kelvin transformation and development of a technique for calculating the induced currents in closed circuits in the calculation of AC electromagnet in the quasi-static mode. Methods. Investigation of nonlinear model of the current transformer in in-plane electromagnetic field calculation and the AC electromagnet is carried by the finite element method using a specific software package. Results. A possible error in the boundary conditions and summarizes the estimated model corresponds to the physics ofthe process using the Kelvin transform, proposed method of calculating currents in closed loop AC electromagnet in the calculation of plane problems of the field. Conclusions.The specificity of the problem of calculating the electromagnetic field in in-plane formulation requires a special approach to the assignment of boundary conditions and calculation of the currents induced in a closed loop.
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