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Title: Абсорбционные характеристики фазной и поясной бумажно-пропитанной изоляции силовых кабелей на постоянном напряжении
Other Titles: The absorption characteristics of the phase and zone paper-impregnated insulation of power cable at direct voltage
Authors: Беспрозванных, Анна Викторовна
Москвитин, Евгений Сергеевич
Кессаев, Александр Геннадиевич
Keywords: индекс поляризации; сопротивление изоляции; схема замещения; polarization index; insulation resistance; equivalent circuit
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: НТУ "ХПИ"
Citation: Беспрозванных А. В. Абсорбционные характеристики фазной и поясной бумажно-пропитанной изоляции силовых кабелей на постоянном напряжении / А. В. Беспрозванных, Е. С. Москвитин, А. Г. Кессаев // Электротехника и Электромеханика = Electrical engineering & Electromechanics. – 2015. – № 5. – С. 63-68.
Abstract: Представлена методика определения индивидуальных характеристик фазной и поясной бумажно-пропитанной изоляции силовых кабелей среднего напряжения. Методика реализована на применении схемы замещения трехжильного кабеля в общей металлической оболочке и анализе результатов совокупных измерений абсорбционных характеристик. Система линейных алгебраических уравнений для определения характеристик фазной и поясной изоляции является хорошо обусловленной. Решение системы линейных алгебраических уравнений сводится к суммированию результатов совокупных измерений с весовыми коэффициентами 6/14 и -1/14. Приведены результаты определения абсорбционных характеристик фазной и поясной изоляции силового кабеля на напряжение 6 кВ.
Introduction. The moral and physical deterioration of medium voltage power cables with phase and zone paper-impregnated insulation requires implementation of quality systems and reliable nondestructive electric diagnostic. Informative indicator of the insulation is the time decay curve of the charging current. It reflects the processes of accumulation of space charges (absorption). The measurements are carried out the 15th since the second direct voltage supply, then – on the 30th and the second on the 60th second. The ratio of the parameters measured in these times gives the dimensionless criteria – absorption coefficients. Three measurements are made at different times, provide a more complete picture of the state of insulation than the measurement of the value of steady leakage (conduction-through), adopted in conventional prevention trials. Purpose. Research and testing methods of diagnostics of power cables with paper-impregnated insulation by absorption and phase characteristics of the belt insulation based on the total measurements. Methodology. A procedure for determining the individual characteristics of phase and zone paper-impregnated insulation based realized on the use of the equivalent circuit of a three core cable in the metal shell and solved of an over determined system of linear algebraic equations by least squares. Results. The proposed method allows determining the absorption characteristics of the individual phase and zone insulation medium voltage power cables in the overall metal shell at a direct voltage. Individual characteristics reflect the characteristics of cables and allow a greater degree to assess the degree of aging of each of the components of paper-impregnated insulation. Originality. Regardless of the cable connection diagrams probing electric field grabs as the phase, and zone insulation. The cumulative nature of the measurement leads to the fact that the differences in the properties of insulation components are smoothed: the aggregate results of the measurements do not differ for the different schemes of the same type. The individual characteristics of isolation, defined on the basis ofthe proposed method are more differences than total, indicating that non-symmetrical modes of operation of the cable. Practical value. The values of individual characteristics power cables 6 kVare 3 times more total, because of what their direct measurement may be a problem. The total resistance of several insulation spaces connected in parallel, behind the individual. Smaller values of insulation resistance are measured more easily, especially on short samples cables.
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