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Title: Identification of effective properties of particle reinforced composite materials
Authors: Kushnevsky, V.
Morachkovsky, O.
Altenbach, H.
Issue Date: 1998
Publisher: Springer-Verlag
Citation: Kushnevsky V. Identification of effective properties of particle reinforced composite materials / V. Kushnevsky, O. Morachkovsky, H. Altenbach // Computational Mechanics. – 1998. – Vol. 22, № 4. – P. 317-325.
Abstract: For the determination of effective elastic properties an energy averaging procedure has been used for particle reinforced composite materials. This procedure is based on finite element calculations of the deformation energy of a characteristic volume element. The proposed approach allows the determination of effective properties of particle reinforced composite with acceptable precision. The calculated effective properties of the composite are found in range between upper and lower Hashin-Shtrikman bounds. The averaging elastic properties of the composite depend on the properties of the particles, matrix volume fraction of the particles and some parameters taking into account the influence of the interphase between matrix and particles. These dependencies can be presented by simple analytical functions approximatically. An identification procedure basing on numerical experiments allows the estimation of the unknown approximation parameters. The obtained functions describe precisely the numerical data for any relationship between material constituents.
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