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Title: FE-analysis of dynamic creep-damage in thin-walled structures
Authors: Morachkovsky, Oleg
Breslavsky, Dmitry
Burlayenko, Vyacheslav
Issue Date: 2002
Publisher: Springer-Verlag
Citation: Morachkovsky O. FE-analysis of dynamic creep-damage in thin-walled structures / O. Morachkovsky, D. Breslavsky, V. Burlayenko // International Symposium Anisoptropic Behaviour of Damaged Materials "ABDM 2002", September 9–11, 2002 Krak`ow–Przegorzaly, Poland. – 18 p.
Abstract: The models for description of creep-damage behaviour in materials and thin shallow shells and plates deforming in conditions of joint action of static and fast cyclic load are given. The properties of the proposed material model were established by comparison of experimental and numerical data. The method for numerical simulation by in-house code of a dynamic creep and long-term strength of shallow shells and plates is created on the basis of the FEM. New laws of dynamic creep influence on stress-strain state, shaping and fracture of thin-walled elements of structures had been established by numerical calculations. With the purpose of verification of the created method of dynamic creep numerical simulation of rectangular plates made of an aluminium alloy were carried in order to verify the method of calculation.
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