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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Study into formation of cobalt-containing peo-coatings on AK12M2MgN from a pyrophosphate electrolyteKarakurkchi, A.; Sakhnenko, M.; Ved, M.; Horokhivskyi, A.; Galak, A.
2018Study of the influence of oxidizing parameters on the composition and morphology of Al₂O₃·CoOₓ coatings on AL25 alloyKarakurkchi, A.; Sakhnenko, M.; Ved, M.
2017Examining the formation and properties of TiO₂ oxide coatings with metals of iron triadSakhnenko, M.; Karakurkchi, A.; Galak, A.; Menshov, S.; Matykin, O.
2016A study of synthesis and properties of manganese-containing oxide coatings on alloy VT1-0Sakhnenko, M.; Ved, M.; Karakurkchi, A.; Galak, A.
2017Research into corrosion and electrocatalytic properties of the modified oxide films on tinPlyasovskaya, K.; Vargalyuk, V.; Sknar, I.; Cheremysinova, A.; Sigunov, O.; Karakurkchi, A.
2017Application of oxide-metallic catalysts on valve metals for ecological catalysisKarakurkchi, A.; Sakhnenko, M.; Ved, M.; Galak, A.; Petrukhin, S.
2017Morphology and Properties of Coatings Obtained by Plasma-Electrolytic Oxidation of Titanium Alloys in Pyrophosphate ElectrolytesSakhnenko, M.; Ved, M.; Karakurkchi, A.
2018Research on the improvement of mixed titania and Co(Mn) oxide nano-composite coatingsYar-Mukhamedova, G.; Ved, M.; Karakurkchi, A.; Sakhnenko, N.; Atchibayev, R.
2017Research into influence of the electrolysis modes on the composition of galvanic Fe-Co-Mo coatingsYermolenko, I. Yu.; Ved, M.; Karakurkchi, A.; Proskurina, V.; Sknar, I.; Kozlov, Ya.; Sverdlikovska, O.; Sigunov, O.
2016Iron binary and ternary coatings with molybdenum and tungstenVed, M.; Sakhnenko, N. D.; Karakurkchi, A.; Yermolenko, I. Yu.; Yar-Mukhamedova, G.