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Title: Новая крупнотоннажная установка получения азотной кислоты по нетрадиционной технологии
Authors: Близнюк, Ольга Николаевна
Савенков, Анатолий Сергеевич
Огурцов, Александр Николаевич
Keywords: молекулярный азот; гетерогенное окисление; нитрозный газ
Issue Date: 2005
Publisher: НТУ "ХПИ"
Citation: Близнюк О. Н. Новая крупнотоннажная установка получения азотной кислоты по нетрадиционной технологии / О. Н. Близнюк, А. С. Савенков, А. Н. Огурцов // Интегрированные технологии и энергосбережение. – 2005. – № 4. – С. 29-35.
Abstract: The article is devoted to development of large capacity process of nitric acid production by heterogeneous oxidation of molecular nitrogen by nitric acid vapour using oxide catalyst. The results of studies of molecular nitrogen oxidation process by nitric acid vapour at laboratory, experimental-industrial and industrial units are presented. The kinetic studies have been done at Т = 700–930 К, Р = 0,1–0,2 МPа, weight hour space velocity 10000–40000 hour⁻¹. The possibility of achievement of thermodynamically probable process of molecular nitrogen oxidation by vapour of nitric acid has been proved for laboratory and industrial conditions. The process passing is confirmed by nitrogen compounds balance, which has been done on the basis of chemical analysis and expense of material currents. The technological scheme of low concentrated nitric acid by nonconventional technology is developed. This technology assumes the decrease of ammonia expense, which makes possible to build up the industrial units without use of natural gas, and decrease a capital investments.
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