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dc.contributor.authorМисюра, Е. Ю.ru
dc.identifier.citationМисюра Е. Ю. Нелинейное деформирование бронированного шланга / Е. Ю. Мисюра // Вестник Нац. техн. ун-та "ХПИ" : сб. науч. тр. Темат. вып. : Динамика и прочность машин. – Харьков : НТУ "ХПИ". – 2005. – № 47. – С.
dc.description.abstractThis paper is concerned with the study of the stress-strain state of the armoured hose loaded by the internal pressure. The hose is a piecewise-homogenous isotropic thick-wall cylinder formed by two layers-rubber (inner) and metallic (external) ones. The statically axisymmetric problem of the plane deformed state in the physically and geometrically nonlinear formulation was solved by means of the finite element method on the base of the principle of possible displacements in the increments. The obtained numerical results made it possible to test the methodics and the program elaborated early and also to reveal the influence of the braid on the strength of the hoseen
dc.publisherНТУ "ХПИ"ru
dc.subjectцилиндрические тела вращенияru
dc.subjectметаллическая оплеткаru
dc.titleНелинейное деформирование бронированного шлангаru
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