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Title: Предпосылки к созданию энергогенерирующих узлов гибридного типа на базе возобновляемых источников энергии
Other Titles: Background of the hybrid power generating nodes based on the renewable energy sources
Authors: Артюх, Станислав Федорович
Махотило, Константин Владимирович
Сапельников, К. В.
Keywords: система электроэнергетическая; электростанции ветровые; электростанции солнечные; гидростанции малые; электростанции биогазовые; комплекс ветрогидроэнергетический; hybrid power generating node; renewable energy; electric power system
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Донецький національний технічний університет
Citation: Артюх С. Ф. Предпосылки к созданию энергогенерирующих узлов гибридного типа на базе возобновляемых источников энергии / С. Ф. Артюх, К. В. Махотило, К. В. Сапельников // Наукові праці ДонНТУ : Всеукр. наук. зб. Сер. : Електротехніка і енергетика. – Красноармійськ : ДонНТУ, 2015. – № 1 (17). – С. 13-17.
Abstract: Широкое внедрение альтернативных источников энергии дает возможность создавать в энергосистемах гибридные энергогенерирующие узлы, которые могут существенно улучшать режимы их работы, повышать надежность электроснабжения потребителей и стать участниками конкурентного сектора энергорынка. В статье определены предпосылки для создания таких энергоузлов и намечены задачи, требующие научного решения.
At the last decades the energy sector of the world experienced a rapid increase in the construction of power plants based on renewable energy sources. Development of these types of power plants and improvement of their design and efficiency are already made them highly competitive with conventional power plants. In this context, the question arises about the possibility of creating a new type of hybrid power generating nodes (PGN), which would combine a diverse range of renewable energy power plants located in the same area and connected to same power line. Such nodes called hybrid because of its output energy, which is a "mixture" of different renewable sources. Creation of PGN should allow to eliminate the disadvantages inherent in each individual type of renewable energy sources and to solve the problems facing the modern power systems. First of all it should increase the reliability and stability of power systems work, reduce transport loss of power, and increase the efficiency of energy market operation. They should also help solve problems arising in 6-10 kV distributing networks. The paper defines the background of such PGN based on renewable energy sources and related scientific problems that require solution. An analysis of the state of the problems performed and conditions of PGN efficient operation is determined. It is shown that the creation of PGN requires solution of such of problems as determination of the optimal structure of PGN by type of power plants, determination of the installed capacity of the PGN, determination of the placement of PGN in the power system, ensuring the stability of the PGN functioning in the power system, equipping of PGN with effective energy accumulators, determination of the PGN cooperation with another nodes in power system, creation of automatic control system for PGN. The ways of solving the two main problems are proposed. It is shown that the structure of PGN essentially depends on the geographic and climatic factors of the area and on the local electrical load characteristics. It is proposed a method of finding the total installed capacity of PGN with different types of renewable energy power plants. In conclusion, it is shown directions for further researches of the whole complex of problems related to the creation of effective PGN.
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