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Title: Multicriterion Synthesis of Intelligent Control Systems of Generating Unit of Nuclear Power Station
Authors: Jafari Henjani, Seyed Mojtaba
Severin, Valeriy Petrovich
Keywords: genetic algorithms; multiple criteria analysis; nuclear power station generating unit; parametric synthesis; quality indice
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: Iran University of Science & Technology
Citation: Jafari Henjani S. M. Multicriterion Synthesis of Intelligent Control Systems of Generating Unit of Nuclear Power Station / S. M. Jafari Henjani, V. P. Severin // International Journal of Industrial Engineering & Production Research. – 2014. – Vol. 25. – No. 3. – P. 243-255.
Abstract: The paper is devoted to solution of some problems in nuclear power station generating unit intellectual control systems using genetic algorithms on the basis of control system model development, optimizations methods of their direct quality indices and improved integral quadratic estimates. Some mathematical vector models were obtained for control system multicriterion quality indices with due consideration of stability and quality indices criteria, this increasing the reliability of optimal control system synthesis. Optimal control systems with fuzzy controllers were synthesized for nuclear reactor, steam generator and steam turbine, thus allowing comparison between fuzzy controllers and traditional PID controllers. Mathematical models built for nuclear power station generating unit control systems, including nuclear reactor, steam generator, steam turbine and their control systems interacting under normal operational modes, which permitted to perform parametrical synthesis of system and to study various power unit control laws. On the basis of power unit control system models controllers were synthesized for normal operational modes.
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