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Title: Geminal systems 64.*N-Alkoxy-N-chloroureas and N,N-dialkoxyureas
Authors: Shtamburg, V. G.
Kostyanovsky, R. G.
Tsygankov, A. V.
Shtamburg, V. V.
Shishkin, O. V.
Zubatyuk, R. I.
Mazepa, A. V.
Kravchenko, S. V.
Keywords: N-alkoxy-N-chloroureas; anomeric effect; N-acyloxy-N-alkoxyureas; N-alkoxy-N-chlorocarbamates; alcoholysis; ureas; carbamates
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Springer and Business Media, Inc.
Citation: Geminal systems 64.*N-Alkoxy-N-chloroureas and N,N-dialkoxyureas / V. G. Shtamburg [et al.] // Russian Chemical Bulletin. – 2015. – Vol.64, № 1. – P. 62-75.
Abstract: Molecular and crystal structures of N-alkoxy-N-chloroureas and N,N-dialkoxyureas were studied together with those of N-alkoxyureas as reference compounds. N-Alkoxy-N-chloroureas were found to have an elongated N—Cl bond and a shortened N—O(Alk) bond due to the nO(Alk)*N—Cl anomeric effect. Alcoholysis of N-alkoxy-N-chloro derivatives of urea, N´-arylureas, and carbamates in the presence of silver trifluoroacetate leads to sterically hindered N,N-dialkoxyureas, N,N-dialkoxy-N´-arylureas, and N,N-dialkoxycarbamates, respectively.
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