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Title: Flipped learning as interactive learning environment
Authors: Tarasova, H. S.
Shakhmatova, O. V.
Keywords: flipped learning; flipped classroom; inquiry-based learning; educational design; pedagogical strategy
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Інститут інноваційної освіти
Citation: Tarasova H. S. Flipped learning as interactive learning environment / H. S. Tarasova, O. V. Shakhmatova // Інноваційні програми і проекти в психології, педагогіці, освіті : матеріали Міжнар. наук.-практ. конф., 15-16 березня 2019 р. – Одеса : ГО "Інститут інноваційної освіти", 2019. – С. 11-15.
Abstract: The use of the flipped classroom as an alternative to the traditional learning environments has been increasingly attracting the attention of researchers and educators. The advancement in technological tools such as interactive videos, interactive in-class activities, and video conference systems paves the way for the widespread use of flipped classrooms. It is even asserted that the flipped classroom, which is used to create effective teaching environments at schools, is the best model for using technology in education. Studies about the flipped classroom appear in different disciplines including information systems, engineering, sociology, and humanities, mathematics education, and English composition. The purpose of this paper is to fulfil the needs regarding the review of recent literature on the use of the flipped classroom approach in education.
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