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Title: Web-Based Monitoring and Evaluation: Research Activity Assessment Case Study
Authors: Cherednichenko, Olga
Yanholenko, Olha
Iakovleva, Olena
Keywords: web mining; research activity; information system; Rasch model
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: EDIS Publishing Institution of the University of Zilina
Citation: Cherednichenko O. Web-Based Monitoring and Evaluation: Research Activity Assessment Case Study / O. Cherednichenko, O, Yanholenko, O. Iakovleva // SCIECONF 2013 : proc. in 1st Intern. Virtual Sci. Conf., Zilina, 10-14 June, 2013. – Zilina: EDIS PIU, 2013. – Vol. 1, iss. 1. – P. 455-458.
Abstract: The work is devoted to issues of monitoring and evaluation system development. It is suggested to use the web as the source of data for monitoring. The assessment of web-based indicators for monitoring is realized with the help of Rasch model. The application of suggested approach is illustrated by the case study of universities research activity assessment.
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