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Title: Experimental Tests of Discrete Strengthened Elements of Machine-Building Structures
Authors: Marchenko, A. P.
Tkachuk, M. A.
Kravchenko, S.
Tkachuk, M. M.
Parsadanov, I. V.
Keywords: discrete strengthening; combustion engine; machine-building structure; finite element method; representative fragment
Issue Date: 2020
Citation: Experimental Tests of Discrete Strengthened Elements of Machine-Building Structures [Electronic resource] / A. Marchenko [et al.] // Advanced Manufacturing Processes : selected papers from the Grabchenko’s Intern. Conf. (InterPartner-2019), September 10-13, 2019, Odessa / ed.: V. Tonkonogyi [et al.]. – Electronic text data. – Cham, 2020. – P. 559-569. – (Ser. : Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering). – URL:, paid (accessed 18.06.2020).
Abstract: Computer simulation and bench tests of components and full-scale structures of internal combustion engine are performed in order to evaluate discrete and continual strengthening technology. The contact pressure distributions, friction coefficients, wear, roughness and hardness of the contacting surfaces of the tested machine parts were determined. The numerical characteristics that determine the effectiveness of such combined strengthening method are established. Conceptual fundamentals of discrete continual strengthening have been developed. Positive effects in the “load – contact – friction – wear” chain were found due to the proposed strengthening method. The positive effect of the coordination of micro and macroscale processes and states of loaded parts, which are strengthened by the discrete and continuous method, is also established. It is confirmed that the entire set of tribo-mechanical characteristics is improved with such strengthening, in contrast to traditional methods, an application of which results in improvement in some characteristics at the cost of the others.
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