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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Reactive diffusion in Sc/Si multilayer X-ray mirrors with CrB2 barrier layersPershyn, Y. P.; Zubarev, E. N.; Kondratenko, V. V.; Sevryukova, V. A.; Kurbatova, S. V.
2011Growth and crystallization of molybdenum layers on amorphous siliconZubarev, E. N.; Kondratenko, V. V.; Pershyn, Yu. P.; Sevryukova, V. A.
2011The influence of working gas pressure on interlayer mixing in magnetron-deposited Mo/Si multilayersPershyn, Y. P.; Gullikson, E. M.; Artyukov, I. A.; Kondratenko, V. V.; Sevryukova, V. A.; Voronov, D. L.; Zubarev, E. N.; Vinogradov, A. V.
2020Features of the initial stage of the formation of Ti-Zr-Ni quasicrystalline thin filmsMalykhin, S. V.; Kondratenko, V. V.; Kopylets, I. А.; Surovitskiy, S. V.; Shipkova, I. G.; Mikhailov, I. F.; Zubarev, E. N.; Bogdanov, Yu. S.
2019X-ray studying amorphous → quasicrystal transformations in sputtered Ti-Zr-Ni filmsShipkova, I. G.; Malykhin, S. V.; Zubarev, E. N.; Surovitskiy, S. V.; Kopylets, I. A.
2020Behavior of the Ti-Zr-Ni thin film containing quasicrystalline and approximant phases under radiative-thermal action in transition modesMalykhin, S. V.; Makhlai, V. A.; Surovitskiy, S. V.; Garkusha, I. E.; Herashchenko, S. S.; Kondratenko, V. V.; Kopylets, I. A.; Zubarev, E. N.; Borisova, S. S.; Fedchenko, A. V.
2013The methodology for X-ray diffraction investigation of icosahedral quasicrystals substructureBazdyreva, S. V.; Fedchuk, N. V.; Malykhin, S. V.; Pugachov, A. T.; Reshetnyak, M. V.; Zubarev, E. N.
2018Structure and mechanical stresses in TaSi 2 /Si multilayerDevizenko, A. Yu.; Kopylets, I. A.; Kondratenko, V. V.; Pershyn, Y. P.; Zubarev, E. N.; Savitskiy, B. A.; Devizenko, I. Y.
2007Nanoscale Co/C multilayer for "carbon window" Schwarzschild objectiveBugayev, Ye. A.; Devizenko, O. Y.; Zubarev, E. N.; Kondratenko, V. V.
2001Structure, thermal stability and reflectivity of Sc/Si and Sc/W/Si/W multilayer X-ray mirrorsVinogradov, A. V.; Pershin, Yu. P.; Zubarev, E. N.; Voronov, D. L.; Pen’kov, A. V.; Kondratenko, V. V.; Uspenskii, Yu. A.; Artioukov, I. A.; Seely, J. F.