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Title: Reactive diffusion in Sc/Si multilayer X-ray mirrors with CrB2 barrier layers
Authors: Pershyn, Y. P.
Zubarev, E. N.
Kondratenko, V. V.
Sevryukova, V. A.
Kurbatova, S. V.
Issue Date: 2011
Publisher: Springer
Citation: Reactive diffusion in Sc/Si multilayer X-ray mirrors with CrB2 barrier layers / Y. P. Pershyn [et al.] // Applied Physics A. – 2011. – No 103. – P. 1021-1031.
Abstract: Processes undergoing in Sc/Si multilayer X-ray mirrors (MXMs) with periods of ∼27 nm and barrier layers of CrB20.3- and 0.7-nm thick within the temperature range of 420–780 K were studied by methods of small-angle Xray reflectivity (λ = 0.154 nm) and cross-sectional transmission electron microscopy. All layers with the exception of Sc ones are amorphous. Barrier layers are stable at least up to a temperature of 625 K and double the activation energy of diffusional intermixing at moderate temperatures. Introduction of barriers improves the thermal stability of Sc/Si MXMs at least by 80 degrees. Diffusion of Si atoms through barrier layers into Sc layers with formation of silicides was shown to be the main degradation mechanism of MXMs. A comparison of the stability for Sc/Si MXMs with different barriers published in the literature is conducted. The ways of further improvement of barrier properties are discussed
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