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Title: Formation of competitive strategies of enterprises for technological equipment repair
Authors: Diachenko, T. A.
Kosenko, A. V.
Tkachov, M. M.
Keywords: competitive strategies; industrial enterprises; strategic management
Issue Date: 2019
Citation: Diachenko T. Formation of competitive strategies of enterprises for technological equipment repair [Electronic resource] / T. Diachenko, A. Kosenko, M. Tkachov // Mérleg és kihívások : 9 nk. tud. konf., október 17-18 2019, Miskolc-Lillafüred. – Electronic text data. – Miskolc, 2019. – P. 79-88. – URL:, free (accessed 21.09.2020).
Abstract: On the basis of the evolution of the theory of strategic management under review and the practice of its use, the theoretical and practical significance of the further development of the theoretical and methodological foundations of the formation of enterprise strategies corresponds to the current complexity and variability of the external environment. environment is proven. A classification of competitive strategies of industrial enterprises has been developed, which is adapted to the specifics of the repair services market according to the criterion of the depth of strategic transformations. The approaches of scientists to determining the role of competition in strategic management are analyzed. The importance of market competition in the process of developing a strategy is revealed. The concept of enterprise competitive strategy has been clarified. The necessity of developing a classification of competitive strategies according to the criterion of the depth of strategic transformations is substantiated. The developed classification demonstrates the necessary degree of radicalization of strategic changes. The content of the proposed competitive strategies is disclosed, the conditions for their use are specified. Key words: strategy, competition, competitive strategy, classification of competitive strategies. As a result of the analysis of the considered approaches to the development of strategies of foreign and domestic strategic management theorists, it was revealed that most of them focus on the process of development and implementation of the strategy, and a minority on the content of the strategy. This confirms the relevance and scientific and practical importance of developing a methodological approach to developing strategies that combines a significant aspect of strategies with the process of their development and meets current economic conditions.
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