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Title: Electrodeposited cobalt alloys as materials for energy technology
Authors: Glushkova, M. A.
Bairachna, T.
Ved, M. V.
Sakhnenko, N. D.
Keywords: electrodeposition parameters; chemical composition; catalytic properties; hydrogen evolution
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Citation: Electrodeposited cobalt alloys as materials for energy technology / M. A. Glushkova [et al.] // MRS Proceedings. – Cambridge University Press, 2013. – Vol. 1491. – 5 p.
Abstract: The influence of electrodeposition parameters on chemical composition, morphology and functional properties of such binary cobalt alloys as CoAg, CoW, and CoFe has been investigated. The alloys are shown to possess catalytic properties. Catalytic actuvity was preliminary estimated in the electrolytic hydrogen evolution reaction and tested by CO to CO2 conversion during the catalytic benzene oxidation.
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