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Title: Method "Mean – Risk" for Comparing Poly-Interval Objects in Intelligent Systems
Authors: Shepelev, Gennady
Khairova, N. F.
Kochueva, Zoia
Keywords: interval alternatives; risk estimating techniques; "mean-risk" approach; fuzzy poly-interval objects; generalized interval estimates
Issue Date: 2019
Citation: Shepelev G. Method "Mean – Risk" for Comparing Poly-Interval Objects in Intelligent Systems [Electronic resource] / G. Shepelev, N. Khairova, Z. Kochueva // Computational linguistics and intelligent systems (COLINS 2019) : proc. of the 3d Intern. Conf., April 18-19, 2019. Vol. I: Main Conference / ed.: V. Lytvyn [et al.]. – Electron. text data. – Lviv, 2019. – P. 12-21. – URL:, free (accessed 15.12.2020).
Abstract: Problems of comparing poly-interval alternatives under risk in the framework of intelligent computer systems are considered. The problems are common in economy, engineering and in other domains. "Mean-risk" approach was chosen as a tool for comparing. Method for calculation of both main indicators of the "mean-risk" approach – mean and semideviation – for case of polyinterval alternatives is proposed. Method permits to calculate mentioned indicators for interval alternatives represented as fuzzy objects and as generalized interval estimates.
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