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dc.contributor.authorMorachkovsky, O. K.en
dc.contributor.authorBurlayenko, V. N.en
dc.identifier.citationMorachkovsky O. K. Creep damage anisotropy of thinwalled elements structures / O. K. Morachkovsky, V. N. Burlayenko // XXI International congress of theoretical and applied mechanics (ICTAM 04) : abstr. and CD-ROM Proc., August 15-21, 2004, Warsaw / ed.: W. Gutkowski, T. A. Kowalewski. – Warszawa : IPPT PAN, 2004. – 2 p.en
dc.description.abstractThe paper is devoted to the development and theoretical justification of an anisotropy creep damage material model. For the description of initial anisotropy and damage-induced anisotropy the second-order damage tensor has been used. The numerical method of anisotropy creep damage lifetime prediction in thin-walled elements of structures was elaborated on the basis of the proposed model and FE scheme. The results of anisotropy creep damage analysis in models of plates were discussed.en
dc.publisherIPPT PAN, Polanden
dc.subjectconstitutive equationsen
dc.subjectcreep modelen
dc.subjectstate variablesen
dc.subjectinternal variablesen
dc.subjectClausius-Duhem inequalityen
dc.titleCreep damage anisotropy of thinwalled elements structuresen
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