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Title: Peculiarities of Calculating Forced Electromagnets Shunt Windings Heating in Transient Modes
Authors: Bajda, Yevgen I.
Klymenko, Borys
Pantelyat, Michael G.
Korol, Olena G.
Yelanskyi, Yurii
Keywords: finite element method; forced heating; shunt windings
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Technischen Universität Graz, Austria
Citation: Peculiarities of Calculating Forced Electromagnets Shunt Windings Heating in Transient Modes / Ye. Bajda [et al.] // Proceedings of the 18th International IGTE Symposium on Numerical Field Calculation in Electrical Engineering (IGTE 18), September 16-19, 2018 / ed. C. Magele. – Graz : TU Gras, 2018. – P. 31-36.
Abstract: An analytical expression is obtained that makes it possible to calculate the volumetric density of sources of transient heating of shunt windings, in which as they are heated up, the volumetric density of sources integrally decreases, but at the same time, at points with higher temperature, the source density is higher then at points with lower temperature. Using the example of temperature calculations of miniature gas distributors, it is shown that at forced heating of the electromagnets in shunt windings significant temperature drops, reaching 35% of the maximum temperature, as well as a slight effect on the heating of surrounding objects, in particular, steel of the magnetic core, are observed.
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