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Title: Alkali-earth element aluminates and chromites cement bonded refractory castables
Authors: Shabanova, G. N.
Korohodska, A. M.
Keywords: refractory castables; subsolidus structure; multicomponent system; phase formation; hydration; alumochromite cements; strength; refractoriness
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: The editorial committee of China's refractories
Citation: Shabanova G. N. Alkali-earth element aluminates and chromites cement bonded refractory castables / G. N. Shabanova, A. M. Korohodska // China's refractories. – 2016. – Vol. 25, No 1. – P. 26-31.
Abstract: This scientific paper gives the data of theoretical and experimental research done to solve the scientific and practical problem related to the establishment of theoretical basics and the development of the technology for the production of refractory castables of high strength, high refractoriness and hostile environment resistance on the basis of aluminates and chromites of alkaliearth elements due to the well-directed formation of the phase composition and the structure of clinker, cement stone and castables. The conceptual principles of the formation of such materials are based on the primary thermodynamically advantageous coexistence of the special-purpose combinations of phases in the subsolidus structure of the multicomponent subsystems of the oxide system (Mg, Ca, Sr, Ba)O – Al₂O₃ – Cr₂O₃. The obtained data allow for the development of highstrength refractory alumochromite cements and castables based on them. Specific features of the behavior of phase formation processes and the hydration of alumochromite cements, including the structure formation during the castable service have been studied.
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