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Title: New percieves for corporate social responsibility approaches in developing countries
Authors: Nehme, M. N.
Keywords: corporate social responsibility; corporate governance; developing countries; sustainable development; social innovation
Issue Date: 2019
Citation: Nehme M. N. New percieves for corporate social responsibility approaches in developing countries [Electronic resource] / M. N. Nehme // Стратегія бізнесу: футурологічні виклики : зб. матеріалів Міжнар. наук.-практ. інтернет-конф., 20-22 листопада 2019 р. = Business strategy: futurological challenges : proc. of the Intern. sci. and practical Internet conf., November 20-22, 2019 / орг. ком. : М. П. Сагайдак [та ін.]. – Електрон. текст. дані. – Київ, 2019. – С. 352-361. – URI:
Abstract: These papers discuss the perceives for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) approaches in a developing country. CSR was considered as a new economic terminology in the business and management field five decades ago. Several definitions have been given to CSR, but most of it claim that CSR is a concept whereby companies integrate social and environmental concerns in their business operations. CSR is considered one of the significant scientific methods in the business ethics sphere nowadays. CSR change the perceive toward business companies from a factor of gaining profits to an element that satisfy the social needs and environmental needs. Since societies needs vary from one economic context to another economic context, this means that the implication of CSR approaches also varies from one economic context to another. The papers analyse the implementation situation of CSR approaches in developing economic context and compare it with that in a developed economic context. The papers have been divided into five main parts. Firstly, introduction and literature reviews toward the subject have been presented. Secondly, comparative analysis methods between the approaches of CSR in developing country and the developed country has been done, followed by defining the relationship between corporation and government regarding social responsibilities in the second part. Thirdly, results for the comparison has been presented to determine the general situation of CSR approaches to the global market. Fourthly, discussion toward signifying new CSR perceives in Developing economic context. Finally, new concerns for promoting CSR approaches of developing countries to the level of that in developed countries have been concluded and recommended.
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