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Title: Bank deposit policy improvement for their sustainable development
Other Titles: Вдосконалення депозитної політики банків для забезпечення їх стійкого розвитку
Authors: Gorova, Kseniia
Slyusarenko, Maryna
Pilyavskaya, Kateryna
Keywords: депозит; валюта; роздрібний депозитний портфель; дефолт; девольвація; банки; рахунки депозитні; послуги депозитні
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Wyższa Szkoła Zarządzania i Administracji
Citation: Gorova K. Bank deposit policy improvement for their sustainable development / K. Gorova, M. Slyusarenko, K. Pilyavskaya // Sustainable Development: Social and Economic Changes : monograph / ed. W. Duczmal, T. Pokusa, L. Stepanenko. – Opole : Publishing House WSZiA, 2016. – Sect. 3.8. – P. 225-230. – In Ukr.
Abstract: The article is devoted to defining of major trends, issues and areas of improvement of the banks deposit policy. The volume of the deposits of individuals and legal entities and its dynamic in local and foreign currency are analysed in the article. The most reliable banks of Ukraine and the banks that are leaders in terms of deposits attraction are considered. The main problems faced by domestic banks in attracting deposits are designated, the recommendations of improvement the confidence of depositors in banks and improving the deposit policy of national banks are offered in the article.
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