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Title: Easily confused verbs in English discipline "Language of professional training"
Authors: Dmytryk, A. Yu.
Keywords: self-learning guide; confusing verbs; exercises; references
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: ТОВ "Цифра Принт"
Citation: Easily confused verbs in English discipline "Language of professional training" : self-learning guide for international students / comp. A. Yu. Dmytryk ; National Technical University "Kharkіv Polytechnic Institute". – Kharkiv : Tsifra Print, 2021. – 34 p.
Abstract: The aim of the guide is to activate students' knowledge of commonly confused words in the English language. It consists of 2 parts: theoretical and practical. First part includes informative tables with comparisons of confusing word pairs which students may encounter. With its help they will understand differences within sets of commonly confused English words, recognize examples of the words being used correctly and incorrectly and will use the correct words in sentences, rather than commonly confused alternatives Practical part consists of a lot of exercises where students should choose the correct words to complete sentences. It will reflect on student’s strengths and weaknesses when choosing appropriate English vocabulary. Self-learning guide is intended for Beginner and Intermediate-level international students. It can be used in English classes, as well as during self-work of international students.
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