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Title: New configurations of social and labour relations in a crisis economy
Authors: Portna, O. V.
Iershova, Natalia
Grytsenko, A. A.
Tereshchenko, D. A.
Chaika, Tetiana
Delibasic, M. V.
Keywords: social and labour relations; social-psychological climate; economic crisis; conflict behaviour; individual response style; employees
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: ELIT - Economic Laboratory for Transition Research
University of Montenegro
Citation: New configurations of social and labour relations in a crisis economy / O. V. Portna [et al.] // Montenegrin Journal of Economics. – 2021. – Vol. 17, № 2. – P. 157-172.
Abstract: The article covers the issue of configuring social and labour relations in a crisis economy. The main purpose of the research is to theoretically and practically substantiate the configuration of social and labour relations in a crisis economy. The study was conducted in the following areas: 1) an analysis of the preconditions for transforming the system of social and labour relations in companies associated with crisis phenomena in their economy, 2) assessment of the factors that shape social and labour relations in companies with crisis economies, 3) a study of employee response to crisis situations based on the selected parameters, 4) implementation of a strategy for managing employee behaviour in a crisis economy. The mechanism of management of social and labour relations in the company, which is universal from the point of view of the basic problems and various functional characteristics, has been developed. The mechanism allows to identify crisis processes for regulating social and labour relations based on a system of interrelated indicators and to assess the existing disparities in social and labour relations. It is substantiated that the relations in the corporate whole together with other factors form the social-psychological climate of the working environment, the state of which largely determines the effectiveness of the enterprise. Practical recommendations have been given as for propensity of employees to conflict behaviour, social-psychological climate and emotional pressure on employees in team within the company.
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