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Title: Nonstoichiometry and Properties of SnTe Semiconductor Phase of Variable Composition
Authors: Rogacheva, E. I.
Issue Date: 2012
Citation: Rogacheva E. Nonstoichiometry and Properties of SnTe Semiconductor Phase of Variable Composition [Electronic resource] / E. Rogacheva // Stoichiometry and Materials Science – When Numbers Matter / A. Innocenti, N. Kamarulzaman. – Electronic text data. – Rijeka, 2012. – Chap. 5. – P. 105-144. – URL:, free (accessed 07.04.2021).
Abstract: According to the modern views, all semiconductor compounds have a homogeneity region (HR), i. e. represent phases of variable composition. The existence of thermodynamically equilibrium deviation from stoichiometry in a chemical compound is connected with a decrease in the crystal free energy under introduction of nonstoichiometric defects (NSD) whose appearance leads to a growth in configurational entropy. The location and size of HR depend on the ratio of the formation energies for different types of defects. The stoichiometric composition may lie inside or outside HR (which corresponds to two-sided and one-sided HR, respectively). Changing properties through deviation from stoichiometry is one of the most important methods of controlling properties of semiconductors.
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