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Title: Concentration anomaly of heat capacity in PbTe based solid solutions
Authors: Rogacheva, E. I.
Sinelnik, N. A.
Krivulkin, I. M.
Keywords: lead telluride; solid solution; heat capacity; temperature dependence; heat capacity isotherm; concentration phase transition; percolation
Issue Date: 2002
Citation: Rogacheva E. I. Concentration anomaly of heat capacity in PbTe based solid solutions [Electronic resource] / E. I. Rogacheva, N. A. Sinelnik, I. M. Krivulkin // Semiconductor Physics, Quantum Electronics & Optoelectronics. – Electron. text data. – 2002. – Vol. 5, No 4. – P. 368-372. – URL:, free (accessed 15.04.2021).
Abstract: The temperature dependences of the heat capacity in the Pb₁₋ₓMnₓTe and Pb₁₋ₓGeₓTe (x = 0-0.04) solid solutions based on PbTe were obtained in the temperature range of 100-670 K. Pronounced peaks were observed in the isotherms of the heat capacity in the vicinity of x ~ 0.01-0.015. The presence of the peaks is explained on the basis of the idea about the existence of concentration phase transitions of percolation type, which take place in any solid solution and are related to transformation of impurity discontinuum into impurity continuum.
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