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Title: Derivatography as the method for studying structure of water on solid mineral surface
Authors: Biletskyi, V. S.
Shendrik, T. G.
Sergeev, P. V.
Keywords: mineral surface; dewatering; structure of water; film moisture; deriva-tographic method
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group, USA
Citation: Biletskyi V. S. Derivatography as the method for studying structure of water on solid mineral surface / V. S. Biletskyi, T. G. Shendrik, P. V. Sergeev // Geomechanical Processes During Underground Mining : proc. of the School of Underground Mining, Dnipropetrovs'k/Yalta, 24-28 September 2012 / ed.: V. Bondarenko [et al.]. – [Boca Ratin] : CRC Press Taylor & Francis Group, 2012. – P. 181-186.
Abstract: It is proposed to use derivatographic method for investigation of structure of water film on mineral surface. It allows to identify some kinds of moisture, particularly to differ the film moisture from other water types. For the case of hydrophilic materials this method allows to differ some kinds of film water (probably, with great energy of bond and adhesive water).
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