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Title: Increase of operational properties of tools and machine parts nitriding the powder mixture
Authors: Kostyk, V. O.
Kostyk, K. O.
Kovalov, V. D.
Turmanidze, R.
Dašić, P.
Keywords: nitriding; powder mixture; operational properties; machine parts; diffusion layers
Issue Date: 2019
Citation: Increase of operational properties of tools and machine parts nitriding the powder mixture [Electronic resource] / V. O. Kostyk [et al.] // IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering. – 2019. – Vol. 568. – Annual Session of Scientific Papers "IMT ORADEA 2019", May 30-31, 2019. – Electronic text data. – Oradea, Romania, 2019. – P. 012118. – Access mode:, free (date of the application 26.04.2021 yr.)
Abstract: The effect of diffusion layers and alloying elements on surface hardness, microcoarseness, and wear resistance of hardened tool steels in a nitrogen-containing medium is Studied. The experiments showed that nitriding in the powder mixture strengthens the surface layers in 2–3.5 times without reducing the volume strength of the material in question, which contributes to the preservation of high structural strength of tools and machine parts. It was found that nitriding in the dispersed powder mixture provides increased wear resistance of 1.3–2.5 times of steel, which can significantly improve the reliability and durability of products. Mathematical models of wear resistance of the investigated steels after the proposed hardening technology of nitriding are obtained.
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