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Title: Ennobling of salty coals by means of oil agglomeration
Authors: Beletskyi, V. S.
Shendrik, T. G.
Keywords: oil agglomeration; coal structure; specific modification; adhesion
Issue Date: 2011
Publisher: CRC Press Taylor & Francis Group, UK
Citation: Beletskyi V. S. Ennobling of salty coals by means of oil agglomeration / V. S. Beletskyi, T. G. Shendrik // Technical and Geoinformational Systems in Mining : Proc. of the School of undergraund mining, Dnipropetrovs'k/Yalta, 2-8 оctober 2011 / ed.: G. Pivnyak, V. Bondarenko, I. Kovalevs'ka. – [Boca Ratin] : CRC Press Taylor & Francis Group, 2011. – P. 135-140.
Abstract: The phenomenon of coal modification at oil agglomeration has been studied, specifically, changing of its structure and physical-chemical properties of surface. It was established: - agglomeration process of coal with size 0-1(3)mm is accompanying by direct adhesive contact of “coal-oil” on 75-80 % from external surface of coal. The high power chemical bonds are formed together with physical bondes in the interphase zone. This modification leads to the increasing hydrophobicity of coal surface and the contrastance of mosaic liophylic-liophobic picture; - internal surface of coal is hydrophobized by diffusing oil agent into pores and fissures. Infiltration phenomenon intensifies this process since light fractions of a binder penetrate into micropores of coal substance; - the changes in supermolecular structure of coal organic mass (COM) have been revealed in oil agglomeration process.
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