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Title: A methodology for calculating the productivity of a hydrocarbon-geothermal well
Authors: Fyk, M. I.
Biletskyi, V. S.
Desna, N. A.
Keywords: hydrocarbon-geothermal wel; non-isothermal lifting mode; flow rate; fluid
Issue Date: 2021
Citation: Fyk M. I. A methodology for calculating the productivity of a hydrocarbon-geothermal well [Electronic resource] / M. I. Fyk, V. S. Biletskyi, N. A. Desna // Petroleum and coal. – Electronic text data. – 2021. – Vol. 63, iss. 2. – P. 324-331. – Access mode:, free (accessed 11.05.2021).
Abstract: The article deals with the development of a refined methodology for calculating the production rate of a hydrocarbon-geothermal well under a non-isothermal lifting mode. The proposed methodology compares favourably with the basic one by taking into account the mutual influence of pressure head losses and those of thermal energy. This problem was solved by taking into consideration the convective component of heat exchange in a vertical (inclined) pipe when assessing hydraulic pressure head losses due to viscous friction. The methodology was tested for the conditions of Kotelev gas condensate field. The discrepancy between the values calculated according to the basic and the proposed methodologies for the heat flow rate constitute 4-7 % on average, while for the fluid flow rate the discrepancy averages 2.5-8.5 %. The possibility was proved of optimizing the dual mode of operation of a hydrocarbon-geothermal well in terms of the combined thermal energy being produced and the caloric heat energy of the gas condensate combustion.
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