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Title: Approaches to the financial component modeling of businesses economic security
Authors: Yakimenko-Tereschenko, Natalia
Poberezhna, Nataliia
Diachenko, Kateryna
Aleksandrovа, Viktoriia
Keywords: economic security; development; finance; financial analysis
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: Nemoros s.r.o., Czech Republic
Citation: Yakimenko-Tereschenko N. Approaches to the financial component modeling of businesses economic security / N. Yakimenko-Tereschenko [et al.] // Security of the XXI century: national and geopolitical aspects. Issue 2 : coll. monograph / ed. I. Markina. – Prague : Nemoros s.r.o., 2020. – С. 183-192.
Abstract: The study results of construction businesses finance peculiarities, presented in this section, sufficiently reveal the financial specifics of the construction industry. Thus, the obtained functional dependence allows to conclude that the growth of capital advanced to a construction business, leads to a decrease in its financial stability from the point of view of financial analysis, and as a consequence, reduces the overall level of EBPS while adversely affecting its financial component.
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