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Title: Intellectual instrumental analysis in economic security management of the enterprises for countering raiding
Authors: Kuzmynchuk, N.
Kutsenko, T.
Strygul, L.
Terovanesova, O.
Klepikova, S.
Keywords: risk; raiding; security; modeling; management; forecasting; efficiency; usefulness
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: Львівський університет
Citation: Intellectual instrumental analysis in economic security management of the enterprises for countering raiding / N. Kuzmynchuk [et al.] // Фінансово-кредитна діяльність: проблеми теорії та практики = Financial and credit activity: problems of theory and practice : зб. наук. пр. – Львів : ЛУ, 2021. – Т. 2, № 37. – С. 231-243.
Abstract: Abstract. Modern views on the economic nature of countering raiding are a permanently important prerequisite for the stable development of the enterprises and the formation of a system of their effective management as the basis for ensuring economic security through the development and implementation of scenarios for countering raiders. The presented article is aimed at the use of the analytical and methodological tools regarding the introduction into the activities of the enterprise to ensure economic security in terms of countering raiding. Using the methods of forecasting and modeling the risk of raider seizure of the enterprises, scenarios for countering raiders (intensive, extensive and complex) have been developed for specifying and selecting the appropriate tools for making management decisions to ensure economic security. The results of forecasting of the enterprises activities showed a significant influence of the environmental factors (financial, economic, social, etc.) on the risk of raider seizure of the representative enterprises within the formed groups. This became the scientific basis for justifying the choice anISSN 2306-d implementation of the comprehensive scenario for preventing the risk of raider seizure which combines the strategic alternatives. The outcomes have confirmed the importance of the justification to support the choice and implementation of a comprehensive scenario for the risk preventing of raider seizure through the prism of the problems of ensuring the economic security of the enterprises in a transition economies. The comprehensive scenario of prevention of raider capture for the enterprisesrepresentatives of the first group provides carrying out the constant analysis of financial and economic activity, introduction of mechanisms of stimulation of management and financing of risk protection. The following alternatives are proposed for the second group of enterprises with a high level of risk of raider capture, in particular: restructuring and separate accounting of the property complex, constant analysis of financial and economic activities, inclusion of government representatives in the board of directors, risk protection financing. The practical value lies in the formation and implementation of preventive and stimulating measures to counter raiding to ensure the economic security of the enterprise. This will allow the managers to use the tools to protect against raiding and strengthen of the economic security of the enterprise.
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