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Title: Crisis Management: Innovative Financial and Accounting Technologies
Authors: Iershova, Natalia
Portna, Oksana
Tretyak, Viktoriia
Moskalenko, Karina
Vasyliev, Oleksii
Keywords: innovative accounting technologies; financial instruments; resistance to change; competencies
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: UIKTEN - Association for Information Communication Technology Education and Science, Serbia
Citation: Crisis Management: Innovative Financial and Accounting Technologies / N. Iershova [et al.] // TEM Journal. Technology, Education, Management, Informatics. – 2021. – Vol. 10, Iss. 2. – P. 766‐776.
Abstract: Under crisis conditions, the behavioural model for business entities is determined by the effectiveness of crisis management which requires the use of innovative financial and accounting technologies, as well as changes that occur within the overall management system of the company. In the course of the current research the mechanism of crisis management of business activity and its elements is proposed and the system of procedural support for the crisis management process is determined. The compliance of accounting and financial instruments and technologies with the functions of crisis management of the company is presented. The paper analyses the importance of organizational changes in the process of crisis management. This allows optimizing the processes of information support for the decision-making process and improving the quality of crisis management of a company.
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