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Title: Methodical approaches to assessing the effectiveness of outsourcing information technologies
Authors: Nazarenko, Stanislav
Keywords: information technology outsourcing; efficiency; efficiency assessment; methodological approaches; risks; criteria
Issue Date: 2021
Citation: Nazarenko S. Methodical approaches to assessing the effectiveness of outsourcing information technologies [Electronic resource] / S. Nazarenko // International Marketing and Management of Innovations : Global Sci. E-Journal. – Electron. text data. – Bielsko-Biala, 2021. – № 6. – 15 p. – URL:, free (accessed 06.07.2021).
Abstract: The article analyzes the methods of evaluating the effectiveness of the outsourcing of the information technology. The purpose of the study is to determine the factors of efficiency of the outsourcing information technology, the characteristics of methodological approaches to assessing its effectiveness, including their advantages and disadvantages. Outsourcing of the information technology contributes to the growth of business profitability, helps to maintain the pace of economic development of enterprises. It was found that there are a large number of methodological approaches for evaluating the effectiveness of outsourcing, which made the search for the best of them so complicated, in most cases they are used only partially, taking into account the functioning of each individual enterprise that delegates certain production functions to outsourcers. The competitive business environment requires an assessment of the effectiveness of outsourcing not only from an economic point of view, but also taking into account the social component and risks of its implementation, so quantitative and qualitative indicators of the effectiveness of outsourcing were identified. It is proved that the method of selecting services for outsourcing should be accompanied by a multicriteria evaluation procedure for selecting an outsourcing service provider, which will take into account not only cost but also quality of services, which is reflected in service flexibility, supplier support, ease of communication with the supplier. technology compatibility and other criteria that can be assessed by experts before the start of the cooperation process.
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