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Title: To a question on application of the statistical theory for the description of industrial systems
Authors: Khodusov, V. D.
Pihnastyi, O. M.
Keywords: production line; PDE-model of production; PDE-model flow production; flow production; transport delay; stabilization problem
Issue Date: 2009
Citation: Khodusov V. D. To a question on the application of the statistical theory for the description of industrial systems [Electronic resource] / V. D. Khodusov, О. М. Pihnastyi // Statistical Physics: Modern Trends and Applications : abstr. of 3-rd Conf., dedicated to the 100-th anniversary of Prof. M. M. Bogolyubov (1909-1992), June 23-25, 2009 / org. com.: V. Adamyan [et al.] ; Inst. for Condensed Matter Physics. – Electronic text data. – Lviv, 2009. – P. 91. – URL:, free (accessed 03.08.2021).
Abstract: The application of the methods of Statistical Physics for its description is possible owing to the representation of the manufacturing firm with mass production output as a system with a large number of elements (the basic products) of stochastic nature, which is in the production process. The behavior of the basic products along the technological chain depends on the definite manufacturing and technological laws in accordance with the technological process of the manufacturing firm, its production plan, the availability of manpower resources and equipment. The state of the production system’s basic products at any instant of time is given as the point in two-dimensional phase space. The function of the basic product’s distribution in the rate of expense’s variation is set and the equation similar to the kinetic equation in Physics is written down. The engineer-production function, which is analogous to the force moving the basic product along the technological chain of the production process, is set and can be determined from the technical documentation of the manufactured article approved in the manufacturing firm. The producer function, which describes the interaction of the basic products (the system’s elements) during their moving along the technological chain of the production process with technical equipment, is based on the equipment disposition schemes and its technical characteristics according to the operating mode of half-finished products. Using the kinetic equation a closed system of balances equations is written down in a zero approximation on a small parameter for the moments of the distribution function. The system of balances equations describes the behavior of the basic economic macroscopic quantities of the production system, such as reserve, pace, and dispersion of the production output along the technological chain. From the balances, equations were obtained the well-known relations in business operation theory for the calculation of reserves and places of the production output.
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