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Title: Features of surface modification of copper-based alloys under powerful plasma exposures
Authors: Byrka, O. V.
Aksenov, N. N.
Chunadra, A.
Fomina, L.
Herashchenko, S. S.
Makhlai, V. A.
Malykhin, S. V.
Sereda, K.
Surovitskiy, S. V.
Garkusha, I. E.
Keywords: plasma alloying; copper samples; chemical reactions; energy loads
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Kharkiv Institute of Physics and Technology
Citation: Features of surface modification of copper-based alloys under powerful plasma exposures / O. V. Byrka [et al.] // Problems of atomic science and technology. Ser. : Plasma physics. – 2018. – No. 6 (118). – P. 143-146.
Abstract: Paper presents features of plasma alloying of Cu-based materials with Ti-Cr, Ti-Cr-Ti-Nb, Ti-Cr-Ti-Zr, Ti-Cr-Ti-ZrO coatings in different regimes of the QSPA Kh-50. Targets were made from copper samples covered of multilayer PVD coatings have been deposited within a Bulat-type facility. Prepared targets were irradiated with powerful plasma streams with energy loads achieved 0.6 MJ/m² and the pulse duration of 0.25 ms. Influence of plasma impacts on modification different copper alloys has been analyzed. Mechanisms of modification of thin multilayered coatings mixed with Сu substrate in a liquid phase under the plasma processing are evaluated.
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