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Title: Practical methods of power system steady-state analysis
Authors: Lysenko, L. I.
Danylova, O. A.
Fedorchuk, S. O.
Keywords: study guide; linear nodal equations; Newton's method; Gaussian method; computational techniques; inverse matrix method
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: FOP Panov A. M.
Citation: Lysenko L. I. Practical methods of power system steady-state analysis : study guide / L. I. Lysenko, O. A. Danylova, S. O. Fedorchuk ; National Technical University "Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute". – Kharkiv : Panov A. M., 2021. – 108 p.
Abstract: The book includes theory and practical application of mathematical apparatus to solving special tasks of power engineering. Control of power system operation requires permanent analysis of the system operating conditions. Steady-state operation of power system is described with systems of linear and nonlinear equations. The basic parameters of the power system steady-state operation to compute are voltages at power grid nodes, power flow and power loss in the grid elements. The book focuses on building systems of linear and nonlinear equations for both DC and AC electrical grids and determining the basic steady-state parameters in Microsoft Excel with application of conventional practical computational methods. Also is described application of Matlab Simulink to steady-state analysis of DC electric systems. The manual contains information that will be required by useful for students taking a bachelor’s educational program in Electric Power Engineering. Also it may be useful for specialists who work in power industry.
ISBN: 978-617-7947-77-5
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