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Title: Cognitive design methods for computer games content
Authors: Breslavets, J. V.
Horiushkina, A. E.
Keywords: video game action; spatial attention; learning perception; gender differences; brain training; sensory processes; attentıon processes
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: Istanbul technical university
Citation: Breslavets J. V. Cognitive design methods for computer games content / J. V. Breslavets, A. E. Horiushkina // The journal of cognitive systems. – 2017. – Vol. 2, No. 2. – P. 55-58.
Abstract: A degree in cognitive science provides the opportunity to work in many fields of human and technology. For instance, cognitive science can be used within usability and design, game development, vehicle, road safety, patient safety, technical aids, speech and dictation, technical writer and other forms of processing. Computer game enthusiasts spend many hours in the game, and this intense activity can change the brain and behavior. We consider the studies, which investigate the ability video games to change processes in spatial knowledge in this study. We will outline the initial stages research of the basic mechanisms of training, and also we will consider possible applications this new knowledge. Several experiments have shown that the game of gaming action causes changes in a number of sensory, perceptual and attention that are important for many tasks in spatial cognition.
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