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Title: Impacts of trade on sustainable development of Ukraine's economy
Other Titles: Впливи торгівлі на стійкий розвиток економіки України
Authors: Bilotserkivskyi, Oleksandr
Keywords: trade; cluster analysis; dendrogram of object classification; K-means clustering method; business entities; production value
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: Teadmus OÜ, Estonia
Citation: Bilotserkivskyi O. Impacts of trade on sustainable development of Ukraine's economy / O. Bilotserkivskyi // Sustainable Development: Modern Theories and Best Practices : materials of the Monthly Intern. Sci. and Practic. Conf., August 29-30, 2021 / gen. ed. L. Sembiyeva. – Tallinn : Teadmus OÜ, 2021. – P. 4-7.
Abstract: In the article, the impacts of trade on the sustainable development of Ukraine'seconomy are studied by using methods of cluster analysis. For this purpose, the homogeneous groups of activities by the number of business entities, persons employed of business entities, employees of business entities, turnover of business entities, and production value of business entities are defined. It is obtained that the cluster, including industry, wholesale and retail trade, repair of motor vehicles, and motorcycles, is characterized by the highest level of performance. This is consistent with the preliminary results of the author, obtained by calculating the indices of the level of district specialization of industries by region of Ukraine.
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