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Title: Promising coal technologies
Authors: Biletskyi, V. S.
Krut, O. A.
Papayani, F. A.
Keywords: steam and coking coals; oil agglomeration; theoretical bases; adhesion; chemical bonds; aggregate-forming; experimental results; fuel coal-oil suspensions; fuel coal-water suspensions; hydrotransport; demineralization; dewatering; "coal-gold" technology
Issue Date: 2005
Publisher: Biblioteka Szkoly Eksploatacji Podziemnej, Krakow
Citation: Biletskyi V. S. Promising coal technologies / V. S. Biletskyi, O. A. Krut, F. A. Papayani // Mining over Centuries (MIOCEN-2005) : proc. of the Intern. conf., September 27-October 02, 2005. – Krakow : BSEP, 2005. – P. 17-25. – Текст доданого файлу подано за рукописом автора.
Abstract: The necessity to deal with ecological issues as well as to look for additional sources of energy carriers encourages reutilizing coal cleaning waste. There are a number of conventional technologies of mineral processing which are now exhausted from the point of view of the achieved selectivity of separation. At present the losses of the useful component are rather high. The higher level of separation selectivity can be achieved by utilizing basically new engineering solutions based on oil agglomeration of coal. Oil agglomeration is also employed in combined technologies such as "coal-gold", "agglomeration-hydrotransport of coal", "demineralization-agglomeration of salty coal", preparation of fuel suspensions etc. Ukraine has developed technological principles of these processes. Another promising trend in coal technologies is formulation of highly concentrated coal-water suspensions.
ORCID: 0000-0003-2936-9680
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