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Title: Methodical instructions for the laboratory works on the discipline "Analog electronics"
Authors: Korol, Ye. I.
Mahonin, N. V.
Samynina, M. G.
Styslo, B. O.
Keywords: methodical instructions; passive filters; semiconductor stabilizers; DC amplifiers; electric diagrams; operational amplifiers
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: Drukarnia Madryd
Citation: Methodical instructions for the laboratory works on the discipline "Analog electronics" : for the students of spec. 171 "Electronics" of the Institute of education and science in power engineering, electronics and electromechanics / comp.: Ye. I. Korol [et al.] ; National Technical University "Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute". – Kharkiv : Madryd, 2021. – 45 p.
Abstract: The subject of study of the discipline "Analog Electronics" is the theory and practice of building electronic tools for various fields of technology and research. "Analog Electronics" is one of the basic general technical disciplines in the training of students majoring in "Electronics". The main purpose of the discipline is to teach the student to develop certain functionally complete electronic devices and to understand the principle of operation of these devices, to operate them competently and to formulate tasks for the development of a new product.
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