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dc.contributor.authorPererva, P. G.en
dc.contributor.authorMaslak, M. V.en
dc.contributor.authorKobielieva, A. V.en
dc.identifier.citationPererva P. Formation of the mechanism of commercialization of intellectual technologies on the basis of the functional approach / P. Pererva, M. Maslak, A. Kobielieva // Actual problems of modern science : monograph / ed.: S. Matiukh [et al.]. – Bydgoszcz : Bydgoszcz University of Science and Technology, 2021. – Pt. 2.25. – P. 527-537.en
dc.description.abstractThe results of the research carried out make it possible to identify a certain pattern, which manifests itself in the timing of fundamental and applied scientific research. Most often, fundamental research is ahead of applied research, which affects the terms of commercialization, which can be carried out only some time after the completion of fundamental research. In some cases, society even exerts an inhibitory effect on the process of carrying out fundamental scientific developments to create practical opportunities for the application of fundamental scientific developments.en
dc.publisherBydgoszcz University of Science and Technology, Polanden
dc.subjectintellectual technologiesen
dc.subjectindustrial enterpriseen
dc.titleFormation of the mechanism of commercialization of intellectual technologies on the basis of the functional approachen
dc.title.alternativeФормування механізму комерціалізації інтелектуальних технологій на основі функціонального підходуuk
dc.typeBook chapteren
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