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Title: Проблеми гуманізації професійної підготовки майбутніх соціальних працівників
Other Titles: The Problems of Humanization of Professional Training of Future Social Workers
Authors: Ігнатюк, Ольга Анатоліївна
Сизикова, Валерія Сергіївна
Keywords: гуманізм; особистість; самовдосконалення; новітня освіта; загальнолюдські цінності; humanization of professional training; social worker; professional training of future; social workers
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: Класичний приватний університет
Citation: Ігнатюк О. А. Проблеми гуманізації професійної підготовки майбутніх соціальних працівників / О. А. Ігнатюк, В. С. Сизикова // Педагогіка формування творчої особистості у вищій і загальноосвітній школах : зб. наук. пр. / гол. ред. Т. І. Сущенко. – Запоріжжя : КПУ, 2017. – Вип. 52 (105). – С. 115-123.
Abstract: В статті розглянуто проблеми гуманізації професійної підготовки майбутніх соціальних працівників. Науково обґрунтовано необхідність гуманізації та гуманітаризації професійної підготовки майбутніх фахівців із соціальної роботи. Обґрунтовано педагогічні умови ефективного розвитку гуманності соціальних працівників у процесі фахової підготовки.
Modern Ukrainian society feels pressing necessity in the new approach to the training of competitive social workers and providing the professional education of high quality. The process of market economic transformations, in particular, in Ukraine, led to the reassessment of the essence of mission and functions of education. The problem of upbringing of humanity in the students on specialty “Social work” in the conditions of professional training is investigated in the article. The level of the scientific development of the problem has been analyzed. Humanity as professionally important quality of the future social worker has been grounded. The problem of humanization of professional training of future social workers is considered in the article. The necessity of humanization and humanitarization of professional training of future social workers have been scientifically substantiated. A pedagogical condition for effective upbringing of humanity in future social workers in the process of professional training has been grounded. The task of the professional education of social workers today is to improve the education of humanity because the social worker in their work has to do with the person, the relationship between the individual and the collective, between social groups. All its activities are aimed at improving human relations, to carry out the ideals of humanism. Pedagogical conditions that must be increased efficiency humanity education of social workers in the professional training will act as the subject of further research. Optimization of the process of humanity upbringing in future social workers should include such trends: organizing educational process by means of combining traditional and active methods of studying; upbringing by means of enriching the contents of upbringing in the extra-lecture activity, by introduction of artistic culture means; introducing info the social practice structure the tasks of humanic direction.
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