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Title: Qualitative professional training of future rescuers as the key to increasing society and state security
Authors: Hren, L. M.
Koshkarov, Yu.
Keywords: professional training; sphere of civil protection of the population; technology; security of the state; motivation; self-realization; future rescuers
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: National University of Civil Defence of Ukraine
University of International Relations and Social Communications, Chelm, Poland
Citation: Hren L. Qualitative professional training of future rescuers as the key to increasing society and state security [Electronic resource] / L. Hren, Yu. Koshkarov // Public administration and state security aspects : coll. of sci. papers. – Electronic text data. – Chelm, 2021. – Vol. 1/2. – P. 77-87. – Access mode:, free (date of the application 17.01.2022.).
Abstract: The article reveals the essence of such concepts as: "the sphere of civil defence", "professional activity", "professional training", "self-esteem", "motivation", "motivation to succeed"; based on the analysis of the scientific literature, it was found that most of the works of scientists are devoted to the study of professional capacity of personnel during the elimination of the causes and consequences of emergencies; it is proved that the quality of professional training of future rescuers depends on the formation of their focus on successful professional activities, which implies the disclosure of human potential in the process of his professional development and selfdevelopment; the technology of formation of orientation of students on successful professional activity of future rescuers is offered; proved the important role of working on their own self-concept for self-realization and benefit society and the state.
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