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Title: Анализ влияния киберопасности на профессиональную безопасность
Other Titles: Analysis of cyber hazard impact on occupational safety
Authors: Березуцкий, Вячеслав Владимирович
Халиль, Виктория Вячеславовна
Горбенко, Вероника Владимировна
Янчик, Александр Григорьевич
Макаренко, Виктория Васильевна
Люфтман, Джерри
Keywords: компьютеризация; кибербезопасность; киберугроза; риск; медиа экология; коммуникации; computerization; cyber security; cyber threat; risk; media ecology; communications; environment; user workstation
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Технологический центр
Citation: Анализ влияния киберопасности на профессиональную безопасность / В. В. Березуцкий [и др.] // Технологічний аудит та резерви виробництва = Technology audit and production reserves. – 2016. – № 6/1 (32). – С. 49-60.
Abstract: Рассмотрены проблемы процесса компьютеризации призводств, технологий и жизнедеятельности людей в контексте необходимости и возможности обеспечения кибербезопасности и профессиональной безопасности людей. Показано, что масштабы кибертехнологий вызывают необходимость защищать пользователей от киберугрозы рисков использования компьютеров. Основное внимание обращено на безопасность человека, как главного элемента, определяющего источник угроз и необходимость его защиты.
The problems of the computerization process for production, technology and human activity in the context of the necessity and possibility of cyber security and occupational safety are considered. An increase of Ukraine population dependence and other countries from the cyberspace is shown. Influence of cyber technologies manifested in computer programs, use of social networks, computer games and other. In the last decade there are cyber competitions of international level. The world was divided into specialists in IT technologies, advanced users, casual users and beginners. There are practically no people who would not know about computers and the need for their application. All banks transferred calculations through ATMs, which are 24 hours in cyberspace. It is shown that the scale of cyber technologies cause the need to protect users from cyber threats risks of using computers. The negative impact of computer technology manifests itself in all stages of its application. In the workplace of the user there are dangerous and harmful factors. The main object in the work is a process of negative and dangerous impact of cyber hazards on professional safety of workers and employees. The main attention is paid to human security as the main element determining the source of threats and the necessity for its protection. In accordance with the concept of the National Cyber Security adopted in 2016, these issues should be dealt with everything, but everyone at their level. As a result of the research, analysis of background information and available technical literature, it is found that currently cyber hazard moved beyond IT specialists and its problems began to deal with the national security level.
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