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Title: Corrosion-resistant epoxy coating for protection of structural glued-laminated timber in high humidity conditions
Authors: Skripinets, A.
Saienko, N.
Cherkashina, A.
Keywords: corrosion-resistant epoxy coating; glued-laminated timber; chemical technologies
Issue Date: 2021
Citation: Skripinets A. Corrosion-resistant epoxy coating for protection of structural glued-laminated timber in high humidity conditions [Electronic resource] / A. Skripinets, N. Saienko, A. Cherkashina // Actual problems of engineering mechanics : proc. of the 8th Intern. sci. conf., May 11-14, 2021. – Electronic text data. – Odesa, 2021. – Vol. 1164. – P. 1-8. – Access mode:, free (date of the application 01.02.2022.).
Abstract: The article presents a solution to practical problem - the development of epoxy coating of low combustibility with corrosion-resistant properties for the protection of glued-laminated timber in conditions of high humidity. Based on the test results obtained, it was found that when using the developed epoxy polymer protective coating, the resistance of wooden beams to distilled and seawater increases by more than two orders of magnitude, ensuring the integrity of wood products and structures, protecting the ends and not causing warping of the material. In conditions of medium aggressiveness of the environment i.e. 10% H₂SO₄, 10% NaOH, 10% NaCl, the application of the developed epoxy polymer coating to glued-laminated timber provides their high indicators of bio- and chemical corrosion protection (water resistance, resistance to sea water and aggressive aqueous solutions). The developed protective coating has fungicidal properties, protecting structures from the appearance of blue stains, mold and wood-destroying fungi. Revealed a good correlation between the concentration of biocide and fungicidal coating properties. A comprehensive assessment showed that the developed epoxy coatings have increased biocorrosion-resistant properties and can be used as protective coatings for glued-laminated timber structures exposed to mold fungi, high temperatures and high humidity.
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