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Title: Binding properties of oxide compounds of special cements in interaction with water
Authors: Taranenkova, V. V.
Pitak, Ya. N.
Shabanova, G. N.
Keywords: acid-base properties; electronegativity; binding properties; hardening conditions; special cements
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: Ukrainian State University of Chemical Technology
Citation: Taranenkova V. V. Binding properties of oxide compounds of special cements in interaction with water / V. V. Taranenkova, Ya. N. Pitak, G. N. Shabanova // Voprosy khimii i khimicheskoi tekhnologii = Питання хімії та хімічної технології. – 2020. – No. 3. – P. 189-196.
Abstract: To synthesize special multimineral cements, it is necessary to have information concerning binding properties of individual phases being part of given cements. Despite numerous studies, there are not yet clear theoretical criteria to evaluate the behavior of various oxide compounds (if only qualitatively, not to mention quantitatively) with respect to their possible use in chemistry of special cements. Therefore, the development of corresponding quantitative dependences as well the ascertainment of the physical and chemical conditions determining the binding properties remain the actual task of chemistry of binding materials. Our study shows that a certain range of relative electronegativity values, where compounds under consideration reveal their binding properties, can be determined clearly by means of the concept of electronegativity. It is ascertained that some binary and ternary compounds (about 100) lie within a certain range of relative electronegativity, including those ones which binding properties have not been fully studied yet. Besides, the obtained data will allow selecting the most favorable conditions for compound hardening. Thus, in terms of our findings, the binding properties of oxide compounds and prospects of their application in special cement technology can be evaluated.
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