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Title: From Luigi Galvani's experiences to intelligent electrotherapeutic systems
Authors: Kipenskiy, A. V.
Shamardina, V. M.
Korol, Ye.
Babkova, N.
Keywords: monograph; intelligent electrotherapy system; control element; biocontrol; electrotherapy apparatus; biotechnical system
Issue Date: 2022
Publisher: Primedia eLaunch
Citation: From Luigi Galvani's experiences to intelligent electrotherapeutic systems / A. Kipenskiy [et al.] // Theoretical foundations of engineering. Tasks and problems : coll. monograph / Іntern. Sci. Group. – Boston : Primedia eLaunch, 2022. – Pt. 6.1. – P. 316-340.
Abstract: The purpose of the article is a retrospective analysis of the main stages in the development of electrotherapy and the determination of the prospects for the creation and development of intelligent electrotherapy systems. Results. The place of modern electrotherapy in medical practice is determined. The main methods of electrotherapy, which are usually classified taking into account the used part of the spectrum of electromagnetic oscillations, are considered. A description of the historical events that served as a scientific basis for the use of electrical energy for medicinal purposes is given. The path of development of circuit solutions for electrotherapeutic devices from the simplest circuits to combined control systems that combine regulation by deviation with regulation by input disturbance is analyzed. It is shown that the prospects for the development of electrotherapeutic equipment lie in the creation of intelligent electrotherapeutic systems with complete biocontrol.
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